Christmas is here. The favorite time of the year, to be finally rewarded with merriness and ‘pent up’ spirits. Maya Bazaar brings you a gamut of fashion frenzies to choose upon – whether you’re gathering at homes, opening troves of treasures with your dearest family, or out shopping with pals or going to a brunch at the bar – Maya has you covered.

Maya has essentially carved its niche by reviving dying forms of crafts, for the world of handcrafted ethnic jewelry. Working on the grassroots level with native artisans who had given up their long-held traditions of hand-knotting (charakkam), and rather than letting them end up in our ‘City of Dreams’ Mumbai. They prefer infusing their line of craft with modernist designs, to create individual pieces of jewelry.


Maya intends to work closely with these migrant laborers – re-honing their almost-forgotten skills, by offering supports of design intervention, product designing with a keen eye on ergonomics along with providing marketing aids to come up with sustainable models to face challenges that threaten the extinction of the craft. Maya Bazaar also takes initiatives to sensitize and educate buyers as well as consumers to the idiosyncrasies of the industry and to celebrate the imperfections. They encourage employment of women, provides health support, education, savings, family planning and relationship counseling as part of corporate social responsibilities.

Continuing with a legacy of a negligible carbon footprint – prioritizing the use of natural, non-toxic, renewable materials and processes over the industrial methods.

Catering to the sacred feminine, Maya is for the woman with a story to tell. Including collections – painstakingly handcrafted and designed, carefully incorporated to create stunning designs which’s meant to make a statement. Unique in its style and in its inspiration, reflecting new seasons, celebrating festivals and most of all, giving particular emphasis to womanhood in all its manifestations.

Rajath K Rajeev


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