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Are you looking for Rogan art? then to check out this post. We all know that Kutch is the land of Art.

There are many activities performed in Kutch, one of them is Raan of Kutch or the desert festival which is celebrated in Kutch in winters, the beauty of this festival is spread all over the world. People having different culture are interrelated in Kutch.

People have developed a strong and varied crafts tradition based on the precepts of beauty.

With its distinctive use of beads, printing and threads practices to create colorful fabric. Each village in Kutch has a different tradition and different art form.

Rogan Art

The Nirona village (Nirona is a small village located near Banni in Kutch) of Kutch is famous for Rogan art. Rogan Art is an ancient Persian skill which came down before around four hundred years to Kutch.

It is the crafts work which is pursued to beautify different fabrics. The discerning eye will be able to distinguish this form while it may appear like fabric painting.

“Rogan Kaam” does not use any prior sketched pattern and is a free hand painting style. It is done with a six-inch long metal stylus.

Stylus is dipped into the color and carefully turned to wrap the Rogan around it. This detailed work is done on one side of the fabric and then folded into half to get a mirror image on the other side of the fabric.

Technic and tools of Rogan Art

rogan painting

Nowadays Rogan art is gaining more and more popularity in the market. The main reason for the popularity of this art is that the colors which are used in this art form are purely natural. Rogan is basically a form of fabric painting in which castor seed oil and natural colors are used.

To use colours in there painting artists prepare to make a paste of oil and natural color in the jungle. The colors are natural, but artists include some amount of paint paste into their palm.

After this process, the painting process began. Firstly, the artist cools down the paint paste and then at body temperature, the paint is carefully twisted across cloth into motifs and images using a metal rod.

Next, the artisan folds his designs into blank fabric thereby printing its mirror image and thus completes the Rogan painting.

Keeping Craft Alive

rogan painting

It is a craft which took over the course of time. Kutch Rogan tradition is being sustained by two families in Nirona village. The family of Khatri Muslim community is doing hard to maintain the popularity of this art form in the market, somewhere this art was not being adopted by the peoples so that’s why this art form is losing its presence in the market.

Khatri family new coming generation has also started involving in this art which can be a huge advantage for this art survival. The family is working hard for this so they prepare many Rogan motifs like ghagra-choli, bridal trousseaus, table cloth, and bed sheets.

They are working harder to prepare more items and sell in the market so that the new designs can make its place in the heart of people and they prefer to buy it and motivate other peoples also to buy it.

After so much struggle, finally, the government helped these survivals by giving them a project. Awards were also given to the survivals who struggle a lot to maintain this art form as far as possible.


How the Government can help them?

Somewhere government can help this art form, here are some of the points which the government should do for the survival of this art :

  1. The government has made compulsory to hang one of Manjusha art in banks, they can make the same arrangements for the Rogan art form too.
  2. The government should spread awareness among the people to buy this painting. Also, they can start a campaign to save this art.
  3. Women who are interested in this art can be helped by the government to start their business on their own.
  4. Government should make this a compulsory subject in schools as wells as collages so that the upcoming generation can make the presence of this art form in the market.
  5. The government should also advertise it in the foreign market.
  6. Every year Kutch desert festival is being celebrated so the government can set an exhibition of Rogan art so people can show interest in this art.


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