Rajasthan Arts & Crafts House was one of the five companies in Jodhpur marketing handicraft items four decades ago. At that time handicraft items were not marketed in an organized format and this helped Sunil Gupta to identify craftsmen around Jodhpur and neighboring districts. Today, that search has revived traditional art forms.

70aa              The company was into antiques as well but supplies dwindled with each passing year. It was then that Sunil Gupta realized that reproduction of antiques, true to style in every aspect, was equally appreciated and sought after. Starting with small items, the company has now moved on to manufacture larger products like book shelves, kitchen shelves, jewellery boxes and wardrobe with shutters which have decorative inlay work, a speciality of the area. The unit also produces large doors in crafted wood or with inlay which has found popularity in Germany, Spain, Portugal and a few Scandinavian countries.

In the furniture segment, Rajasthan Arts & Crafts House specializes is handcrafted products. Though the demand for such products is limited, they have become popular with a niche segment of consumers.

Sunil Gupta



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