Reasons Why You Should Buy Indian Handicrafts as Gifts


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Indian handicrafts are popular in India and all over the world because they are unique and creative pieces of craftsmanship that beautifully capture the rich culture of India. Because of these qualities, people love to adorn them in their houses, which make them ideal as gift items. Let’s explore a couple of more reasons as why they are unique gifts to give:

They are creative and individualistic

Every handicraft is a creation and is created by an individual idea which makes it creative and individualistic. These products are not only bought in India .They are exported to other countries and much loved by people all over the world. People from all over the world know about the diversity of the Indian culture, so these remain popular gift items. They are in fact the best home decoration products as they just stand out in the crowd and add an ethnic touch to the place they are adorned.

They are handmade products

Each handicraft product is a handmade piece of art- the skill of the artisan who puts the magic of craftsmanship into it comes alive and adds a personal touch to it. One handicraft is different from the other in the same store in the country because the kind of the diverse culture that India has which gives great variety to buyers or consumers.

Each product has a story to tell

Are you buying a peacock home décor item or a Tanjore painting? Each product reminds you about the various facets of the beautiful Indian culture. Peacock is in fact the national bird of India while the Thanjavur painting has the paintings of some of the Hindu religious gods .When you gift someone a handicraft , you are actually gifting them a piece of India’s history, diversity and tradition.

You are helping the artisan community

By buying, using and spreading the word about Indian handicrafts, you are really helping the artisan community of India expand. You know the skill and hard work put in by the talented artisan community, so why not support it?

They are attractive products

Whether it’s wood work or paintings, idols, pith work or clothes, the sheer beauty of Indian handicrafts is undeniable and they have been valued for many years. What makes them evergreen and attractive is the fact that many handicrafts are now designed keeping in mind the contemporary tastes of the present generation, which makes them ethnic and stylish at the same time.


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