Rangsutra founded by Sumita is a social initiative to ensure all the artisans in India get sustainable livelihood so that they can pursue their skills from one generation to the next. It is indeed a noble work where fabric artists from Hyderabad, Ranikhet, Rajasthan, Bengal and Odisha are working in unison. All these remote areas have producer group consisting of artisan, weaver and a manager who facilitate raw material and sends the finished products for sell in all over the country. Raw material in terms of yarns, colors, designs are allocated to all the artisans according to their skill-set who work from their homes to produce goods.


Rangsutra products include men’s and women’s apparels, children wear and home décor fabrics. All the products are made with hands and hence each product is unique.  Colors and other raw material used is eco-friendly and don’t cause any pollution while creating or disposing them. Process of traditional craft making varies from one region to the other. So you will find variety in the fabrics produced at Rangsutra. Artists from different region use their own heritage techniques to create fabrics. These techniques include embroidery, weaving, and printing motifs on the fabrics. Apparels, home furnishings and various types of accessories are created with adding contemporary touch. These fabrics are suitable for urban homes in every respect – texture, design and feel.



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