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The company has been in business for a little over a decade and has made its mark in European markets. It is the trendy style that has impressed buyers in those markets. Again these gift items, be it of utility or plain display, are manufactured from wood and metal pieces, normally considered as waste.

Cross Country believes that adherence to quality has helped to market its products 31aain the European market comprising buyers who are highly critical of quality. The most important aspect is seasoning of wood to the optimal level to withstand the extreme temperatures in Europe to prevent warping. It is also essential that kind of polish or paints used is lead free.

The gift items that are manufactured have a typically European touch and the ethnic styles of their culture and countryside are those that buyers can relate to. Manish Jhawar frequently visits many of these countries to understand changes in the buyer’s preference. Cross country understands these well in advance to manufacture and market them at the right time.

Manish Jhanwar



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