Designing from textile fabrics to fashion jewellery has been a easy and smooth transition for Mona Guglani. Fashion jewellery is as creative as textile designing and she uses a lot of textile motifs in her designs. And that is the uniqueness of the designs which combines 19abeads and stones with textile. This combination may look simple but it is not easy to find many using such combination because textiles can make or mar the final product.

Fashion jewellery is price-sensitive both in terms of the buyer’s and the manufacturer’s point of view. That being the case, how best can one offer an attractive products? To achieve economies of scale, many components are manufactured outside while the final assembly is done in-house. Certain manufacturing processes such as stringing beads are best done outside by experts whose quality of workmanships is good. Our markets are Europe, Australia and the USA. The UK market is quite sophisticated and we have different ranges for them.

Mona Gurlani

Needle Craft Pvt Ltd


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