Khadi, the name itself is an acknowledgment for the weaving sector of India.  Our country is well known not only for Culture and traditions, we are also manufacturers, exporters, and supporters of various organizations and firms.

The government of India ensures the safety of the people who carry the traditional art forward and many steps have been carried out to protect the heritage and historical significance of many sectors.

Ponduru Khadi

We are pioneers in ponduru khadi farming, plantations, cuisines, dance, music, arts, architecture, sports, production, manufacturing, weaving, and much more. One among these which is world famous and donned by famous celebrities to politicians to Royals is one and only Ponduru Khadi.

Srikakulam Extraordinary Ponduru Khadi

Srikakulam Extraordinary Ponduru Khadi

The materials and clothes of Khadi are well exported to various countries like the USA, Denmark, Japan, and Sweden. They are basically woven with special varieties of hill cotton and red cotton which is grown in Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam Districts.

The finesse of the Khadi was so impressive that even Mahatma Gandhi preferred to don it regularly. The communities of Pattushali, Sali, and Devangi in Ponduru are considered as spinners and weavers with available looms in their houses. Ginning is the procedure well known for separating the cotton from the seed, carding, silvering, and spinning into fine yarn, and women from the pattushali community have access to all the traditional items necessary for this process.

Srikakulam Ponduru Khadi


Reports state that this traditional activity might see a decline gradually because of the meager wages being provided to the working class which is sheerly insufficient for their living. However, Minister for Textiles and Handlooms Mr. Sankara Rao had been a ray of hope for all the weaver society of ponduru as he promised to resolve the problem of weavers.

Sources also state that the weavers are shifting to other professions as there is a lack of encouragement from the state government and the lure of good payment even for unskilled workers under the National Rural Guarantee employment scheme are another problem. Youngsters are also not keen on learning this traditional weaving.

Srikakulam Ponduru Khadi Saree


The government has to take immediate necessary action on a first priority basis to safeguard the tradition and values of weaving communities and also should take quick steps to regain the importance back and present schemes to attract youth towards this profession.


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