Pochampally Saree


Last Updated on November 24, 2022 by Swadesi

Pochampally saree is known for its intricate designs that are dyed onto the warp and weft threads after which the saree is woven. This unconventional way of printing a cloth is what makes the Pochampally saree unique and demanding.


Swadesi team brings a collection of Pochampally sarees that feature bold mixture of colors, impressive geometrical designs and patterns. Combinations of different colors – yellow, pink and green, black and white are fused harmoniously that catch the eyes of women. Swadesi also presents heavier variants of Pochampally saree with zari woven pallus that makes them primery choice for occasions like wedding, celebrations and religious customs. Every saree is very unique, elegant and luxurious piece for your wardrobe.

Swadest team has also work on the cotton blouse to complete the grace of Pochampally saree that can be prepared according to season and taste.



  • Beautifully geometric symbols and patterns.
  • Zari work on the pallus.
  • Long durability.
  • A beautiful gift for a friend.
  • Choice of color.
  • Multiple designs.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Best for celebration and special events.








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