The company believes in offering concepts – be it bedroom, dining room or a living room – so that the end – users do not have to hunt for matching accessories. The company has the 28aalargest showroom in town where they have displayed several types of settings of bedroom, dining room and living room furniture and there is a separate section for bar and bar
counters. There is also a section on outdoor and office furniture.

Making furniture is easier in comparison to creating a concept as the latter requires a lot of creativity and innovativeness. The designs of pillows or bolsters, normally taken for granted, can make or mar an entire setup. Then comes the question of colour and tone of wood, which through varnish, polish or lacquer has to match the colour and tone of the upholstery.

Chandra Shekhar Exports has furnished several top-end establishments but does so only to achieve professional satisfaction rather than looking for economic returns.

C. S. Phophalia



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