Nazu Festival is rejuvenating festival of Nagaland. Officially it is a festival celebrated by Pochury tribe, who reside in the dense valleys of Nagaland. The festival marks the dawn of agriculture season. It is celebrated before sowing process, the celebrations are majestic and have pomp and vigour in them.

The atmosphere around this festival is less ritualistic. It is entertaining and it helps to bind the tribe together. The highlight of this show is the musical performances and the singing of the traditional songs. There is an exclusive pattern of the festival and everyone rejoices being the part of this festival.

People living in this region, especially of this tribe, are really hard working people. You will always see people in this tribe working in their fields. But this one particular festival provides Pochury tribe a sensation of relief from all their work.

Nazu Festival Nagaland

Nazu Festival

This festival is celebrated in February month every year. The festival is always a 10 long day. The festival is not binding people to do any rituals. People are free to enjoy their time and relax.

They spend these 10 days by having the time of their life with no hard call for rituals restricting their heart and soul of doing what they want to do.

The festival is held in Phek where it is witnessed by every member of Pochury tribe. Other tribes also join in the celebration to enjoy the colourful wings of their cultural potency.

There is no specific importance of this festival, but the traditional songs do tell us about the traditional and ancestral call. But this festival is not any ritual oriented event it is a simple occasion where the people come just to enjoy the moment.

For local people, it is like a treat of a lifetime because it allows them to lose down and relaxed so that they could come in one fold to grace an occasion with their utmost presence. People have their moods lifted up to eternity during the festive season.

Throughout this phase and even before it, people here are inviting and very delightful. This simply tells us how the people of Pochury tribe loves to live and have serenity in their lives.

This phase of 10 days is amplified by songs and dances. During this festival, the people of the tribe perform on various traditional songs and dances.

The women of the tribe dons Ascunyi (Ribbon like head dress), Akhi (Armlet), Kiileniinyi (Long mekhala wrapped from the chest to the calf), Achulhre (worn round the waist), Akhusa (Bangle worn on forearm) and Asker (necklaces) to mark the eve of the festival. They spread the message for peace and harmony through their performances.

The harmonious movement of arms and legs goes with the rhythms of the songs on different tunes and beats. The Khupielilie dancers (mostly the women dancers) are at the helm of the festival, the make this event fruitful and rejoicing. There is no specific mark of a sacrificial act but rather it believes in inspiring the notion of harmony and prosperity.


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