Marble Handicraft -A Mughal Art


The relation of marble and India is like light and candle. Marble is a result of metamorphosis of limestone containing calcite or dolomite. It essentially contains calcium-carbonate. The marble is famous for its glimmering appearance and its ability to increase aesthetic appearance to ten times and thus making it beautiful.

Wonder Marble Of World – Taj Mahal :

When we listen to the name of marble the first thing that comes to our mind is the wonder of the world, the great “Taj Mahal” of Agra. The Taj Mahal is the result of hard work and skills of great artist from the Mughal emperor, which took 22 years. It is made from ivory white marble.

The monument is great in itself and a great memory of those labors who sacrificed their lives for it, as they were no advance technology like we have today. Taj Mahal as we know was built by Shah Jahan for his Wife Mumtaz Mahal as a gift. The monument is a great tourist attraction all over the globe and wonder of the world, flattering the name of India across.

Now the beauty of this monument is degrading due to pollution as yellow marks on its, there is a need for us to preserve it in the best possible way as initiated by the Indian government.

Marble Production and Features :

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Italy is the largest exporter of marble. The marbles of Italy are softer than any other types. They are soft, durable and beautiful. Also, they are costly to export and are available in limited quantity in India. India shares about 10% of the total export of marbles all around the world.

Other Marble Products :

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Marble handicraft is done on a variety of products such as royal vases, pots, plates, mobile and pen holders made especially for kings in olden times. Marble paintings and statues also have great importance and form the best decor for any place. The statues commonly made are of God, elephant, etc. The marble is also used for making buildings too. The colored marble variety is the result of mineral impurities such as clay, silt, sand iron oxides, and chert.


The marble handicraft is one of the most beautiful art and is increasingly gaining importance nowadays. They are used in building construction too. Though it has some initial cost but the aesthetic appearance, beauty, and life, it provides is far better.