Skill Development: Lac Handicraft

lac handicraft

Lac Handicraft Craft

India is known for its culture and skills. In India, we find a number of handicraft works and one of them is lac handicraft work. It is the work native to Asia and from the state of temples Odisha. The lac work is not only famous in Asia but it has found its exporter in the USA, UK, China, and Europe.

The lac is the product produced from an insect “Kerria Laca”. It is an insect from the family of Kerriidae of lac insects.

Lac Handicraft
Lac Handicraft

The process of lac formation starts with the rearing of insects and then collect the product from it. The lac before use is cured with suitable treatment and required curing.

The lac handicraft is another beauty of India and more than half of lac production occurs within India and uses 20,000 metric pounds of raw materials annually. Lac is a product of animal origin and it is a natural polymer.

Lac Handicraft around India :

a) Odisha:

Starting from Odisha it is extensively popular for comb called ‘Lac Shiredi’. It is also famous for ‘Lac jungle work’.Other uses include the making jewelry and boxes.

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Lac Handicraft

b) Bihar: 

It has the largest industry for lac and produces tons of waste lac, from where it is transported for its conversion.

c) Gujrat: 

Its industrial capital is famous for lacquered toys and characters. The western part uses it for bangle works which incorporate precious stones and ornaments with it.

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d) Rajasthan: 

It comes second in lac production. The pink capital Jaipur has the largest exporters and importers of lac handicraft works such as necklace, bangles to pen. The Rajasthan produces the highest earning from lac across the globe.

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e ) Bengal: 

Lac handicraft is also famous among Bengalis and their culture. The Bengalis use lac ornament, bangles, tabletop, and wall decor items.

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f) Karnataka: 

Mysore and Harapanahalli are famous for Rajputana lac ornament boxes.

g) Andhra Pradesh:

Andhra is famous for ‘Etikopakka’ lac toys.

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Lac Handicraft Product:

The lac handicraft is used to make Bangles, Ornament boxes, Jewellery, Toys and characters, Necklace and ear-rings, Mirrors, tabletop, Key chains, Frames and showpieces, Trays and pen stands, Glass work, Pieces of furniture and Mats.

More about Lac Handicraft

Lac insect also produces dye and wax as natural secretions. They are also reared on ber trees and cultivated for fruits of Indian jujube. Lac is generally produced in 3 qualities:

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  1. Light golden
  2. Brown
  3. Dark black

Conclusion of Lac Handicraft

The lac insect rearing is similar to that of rearing of earthworm for silk and requires optimum environment and parameters for the insects.

The handicraft is beautiful in itself and has great importance which is known all around the world.


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