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Who keeps your baby busy? Also, gives your house a great look. Toys! Doesn’t matter how old you are, they are always there for you.

As a kid, all of us must have played with toys. Even the grown-ups and the adults love toys. They are like companions who are there for you even when you’re alone. They become a part of you and make you as you’ve shared memories with them. They also compliment your house as a decorative material.

 leather toys

India has a rich culture and history with leathers. It dates back to Indus civilization where it was mostly used to make bags, caps etc. With growing kingdoms and the urge to show off power, the Royals started poaching animals for pride. They would hang the skins and skulls in their palace in order to show the courage and bravery of the king. But craft knows no boundaries and this inspired craftsmen to start making toys shaped like animals from leather.

This art of making things with leather still exists in many parts of our country. However, one place that standouts in this are Indore. Indore excels in making leather toys that are mostly used as decorative for the house. The craftsmen and their families still practice this art of making life-like toys of animals like horse, lion, elephants etc. These toys are made so perfectly that they resemble a miniature version of the real animals. All this is made of goat or sheepskins. The craftsmen still follow the manual method of making this toys as it gives them more human and natural touch. They have huge demands in western countries where they are paid better for their sweat and talent. The process of making this is very tedious and takes a lot of time to be made.

 leather toys

Judging this craft on the mere basis of look is unjustifiable. It’s more than that. The beauty lies in the details that the artists capture in their toys. However, the imagination and art don’t stop here. They can combine two animals and make a hybrids or meta-animals and you would believe like they actually exist. The ever close look to reality and the finish of these toys make them a luxury for house decorations. They make better souvenirs for visitors and guests.

Sadly, the ever-increasing price of leather and decreasing demand has cast shadows on this industry. However, the export of these items to western countries has kept this industry afloat.

 leather toys

The realistic view of these leather toys with the glory of animals make them must-have items for decoration. They will sit silently somewhere in your room with the view that will make everyone notice them with charm.


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