Konkan Stone Carving

20th century, it was the carving through which art was implanted on vessels, walls, and doors. Stone carving in Orissa has been prevailing for ages and this ancient form of craft is practiced in almost all parts of Orissa in different forms. Usually, you’ll find this mind-blowing handicraft on traditional and mythological figures.

Traditional Konkan Stone Carving

 Konkan Stone Carving

Konark Sun Temple dedicated to the Sun God is an example of such astonishing artwork. Situated in Puri district in the state of Orrisa, India. It’s intricate sculpture and delicate carvings on the red stone (sandstone) is eye gazing which depicts the superb workmanship of the artisans of Orissa.

Seeing these carvings Rabindranath Tagore once said: “ Here the language of stone surpasses the language of a human.”

Sandstone, soapstone, Serpentinite, Makrana marble, and granite were used in Konark stone carving. Khadipathara, Kochilapathara. Khandolite, Sahanapathara, Baulapathara, Muguni Pathara are few stones on which such carving work is done.

Khadipathara, white soapstone is a soft stone while Kochilapathara, greenish chlorite is a hard stone.

Khadipathara Konkan Stone Carving


Usually, an outline sort of work is made on measured stones. After the outline is engraved, the unwanted portion is scrapped off. In hard stones, it is done by chiselling out extra material while in softer stones it is done by scrapping extra material with sharp-edged tools.

Hammers and Chisel of various size and shape are used to complete this task.  ‘Muna’, ‘Patili’, ‘Martual’, ‘Thuk-Thuki’ and ‘Nihana’  are local name of such tools.

 Konkan Stone Carving

Usually, traditional images of God and Goddess are carved on stones, but one can find various designs carved on walls and stones for artist and decoration purpose.  Utilitarian items like candle stands, photo frames, lamp bases, pathuri, glasses and stoneware utensils are also created.

Stone carving in Orissa is a traditional craft and has been practiced for centuries and had reached new heights of excellence due to disciplined and continuous efforts of generations.


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