Cool KondaPalli Bommalu Toys: You Must Know in 2021


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KondaPalli Bommalu toys are different, We are all familiar with the plastic toys that are quite popular in the market. But back then when soft and plush toys weren’t available, do you know how our previous generations managed to play? Well, let’s turn the wheel back in time and explore.

KondaPalli Bommalu

Kondapalli Bommalu which got their name from the city in which they are made are quite more than a simple toy for kids. Kondapalli is a city in Andhra Pradesh, which is famous for its toys mainly because simply put they are ideal. Yep, you heard it right.

Unlike other plastic toys which obviously involve chemicals in their production Kondapalli toys are purely made of natural ingredients. For instance, the brown comes from tamarind paste and yellow from turmeric, green from leaves etc.

KondaPalli Bommalu Toys


It is believed that the predecessors of these toy makers migrated from Rajasthan and settled in Kondapalli.The city was abundant with all the resources required for the production of the toys. And so the traditional art of toy making was transferred to generations.



Kondapalli Bommalu depicts the normal household work of ladies like cooking, feeding the cattle etc. and characters from mythologies.

Most of the characters are Dasavataaram of Lord Vishnu which is displayed during Navarathri in South Indian households. The maximum sale of these toys is thus in Navarathri. Also, there are famous dancing toys which are widely used as decorations.

KondaPalli Bommalu Navarathri Toys


But the topping the charts of the most bright and beautiful among these toys are the wedding figurines range. A pair of bride and groom, the family attending to the chores of the wedding the bride in her wedding dress, the band at the wedding,  you can find all of these toys in the wedding collections. You can also find the Kings going to battles on their elephant backs.

KondaPalli Bommalu Battels Elephant Toy


Since various platforms recognized the worth of this art. This ancient art did not lose to modernization Kondapalli Bommalu is still up and running the Indian market with the help of different platforms. Now Kondapalli Bommalu has various online platforms.

They are displayed in various Indian Emporiums and attract a lot of the population. They have gained international attention as well. Now let’s bring in unique and traditional toys to our homes to replace plastic toys. Let’s save our kids from chemical toys and give them natural and safe toys to play with.


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