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Red, pink, blue or black, it’s always difficult to decide when it comes to making a decision for which footwear to go with. There are many brands, many styles and many stylish looks that captures our heart and make us take it home, and especially when talking about this stylish generation everyone loves to wear the trends.

But in spite of all these modernisation effects, kolhapuri chappals has not lost its dignity yet. Let’s go a few years back when there were no heels and shoes to wear, people only wore chappals, and one of them was the handcrafted kolhapuri chappals made up of leather.

HISTORY: Worn in 13th century during festivals as well as day to day purpose. These were originated from Kolhapur, a southern district in the state of Maharashtra. These beautiful pairs mainly came in two colours brown and black. But as time has turned fashionable these slippers are made more beautiful and funkier, loved by youths to wear. Shoe designers had made it possible in distinct colors and fusion of many latest designs . also now it comes lovely zari work, tassles, colourful pom poms, gota attached to it making it more desirable.


PROCESS: Generally, these Kolhapur chappals are made by families in the Kolhapur district. one typical chappal with a lot of detailing might take a total of 6 weeks to produce. The production process of these beautiful slip-ons is shared below.

a) First with the help of basic template a structure is cut from a piece of leather which act as a frame for rest of the designs to be done.

b) In next step, the basic structure is dipped in water and left. This cut piece is then dipped in the natural dyes and colors.

c) After this, the “patta” is stitched that is the upper cover with the sole, stitched with leather chords.

d) Now after weaving, the time comes for beautiful decoration which is done in several ways to make it more appealing.




a) They are Originally made from buffalo-hide and thread.

b) They weighed as much as 2.01 kilos because of the thickness of the sole which made them durable despite the extreme heat.

c) The businesses of Kolhapuri Chappals are seen by most as an obsolete trend.

d) They are open toed in design with a T-Strap.

e) These slippers are dipped in diesel to make them more darker and richer appeal.

f) In spite of leather, these chappals are waterproof.

g) Totally stitched not any of iron nail is used in this process.

h) Not only in India but there are fans abroad also, It is believed that Madonna also owns a pair of Kolhapuri chappals, which she absolutely loves.

Trending kolhapuri: Since 13th century kolhapuri chappals holds a special demand for sake of its comfort and durability it gives. Till date, these slip-ons have been evolved and modified to give it funkier look. Today if you put on kolhapuri chappal along with khadi kurta with cloth jhola and a tattered pair of jeans. Reading glasses and frizzy hair, this combination wins hearts, makes an irresistible impression. Not only this if we talk about celebs they also cannot resist themselves to the comfort and beauties of these slip-ons.


For foreigners, who visit India, kohlapuri chappals are always on top of the list of ‘thing to buy’. Their stylish, ethnic, and comfortable quality have made them popular amongst several people in India and in western countries such as America, U.K, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and in other Asian countries as well like Pakistan and China.

So what are you waiting for grab one cool pair of kolhapuri chappals and go on with jeans, or they also team up with ethnic garments , plus they can also go with boho, just choose one suitable pair and Be stylish, Be trending!!


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