Famous Kodi Kura Andhra Style chicken


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Belonging to the South Indian cuisine of the region of Andhra Pradesh, this dish is nothing but made of chicken with gravy. A super popular dish to try when you’re planning to visit Andhra Pradesh and especially the region of Guntur, where this dish was originated.

If we go to describe Kodi Kura in short, it also known as Andhra chicken curry which is simple to cook. It is cooked with Indian spices which makes this dish rich in flavours and spices. It is best eaten with Chapatis.

Kodi Kura Andhra Style food

Now, you might be wondering as to there has been chicken curry eaten from a very long time, so why is it that when it comes to Andhra Pradesh, it is quite different. It is not only tasty but also delicious and a mouthwatering recipe. Guntur, a small town in Andhra Pradesh is well known for its fiery hot and spicy foods and specially Kodi Kura.

The main ingredients which make this recipe so special are spices and poppy seeds. It tastes good when served with pulao or with normal rice. Well, there are many versions of Andhra style chicken curry, while in the coastal regions, it is prepared with coconut milk or ground coconut and when Guntur’s special masala mix is added.


So, Kodi means Chicken and Kura means gravy or curry. The way this dish is prepared is quite different for it involves the main, Poppy paste which makes it very unique from the normal chicken curry that we have normally.

Other than poppy seeds, it is made in a similar way. In addition to that, there is no special sauteing and grinding except for that Guntur’s spices. When it is prepared in a kadai or pan, the pieces of Chicken become more succulent.

When you will try to try the Kodi Kura, you will be truly amazed at how the Hyderabadis make use of their homemade chicken and spices and that Andhra is not only about its Hyderabadi Biryani. 


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