Kathi Samu is an ancient and historical martial art which originated in Andhra Pradesh, India. Kathi basically means sword and Kathi Samu is a martial art which is fighting with swords. Kathi Samu is an ancient skill which was mastered by the royal armies of Andhra Pradesh.

The Royal Kings practiced this skill as it was used in wars against their enemies and also it was considered to be a matter of pride to master Kathi Samu. The soldiers of the army were taught this martial art for the sole purpose of wars against enemies.

According to research, Kathi Samu is said to be in existence for over 7000 years even before Aryan dynasty came into India.


Kathi Samu was also performed in competitions to show their skills. The place where this was performed was called as ‘garidi’.


a) To promote kathi samu as a sport.

b) To teach self-defense.

c) To provide kathi samu exhibitions.

d) To gain worldwide recognition.

e) To hold kathi samu tournaments to its members.

f) To award certificates to members participating in grading tests and coaching classes.

g) To gain funds and contributions.

h) To promote Kathi Samu among every person.

The fight usually takes place between two people against each other with long and curved swords. The strict fight is known as ‘vairi’ and it plays a very important role in Kathi Samu which is called an actual sword fight.

Kathi samu

Kathi samu – The martial art

This skill is not only practiced in India but it was also found to be the ancient times of China, Japan, Greece to modern England and France in different names and styles. Kathi Samu is said to be the one for the oldest martial art of ancient histories.

In today’s world, Kathi Samu is only practiced by the families who once served as royal families or as the soldiers. It prevails to be the pastime in the families. Kathi Samu is also taught and trained to people who are interested to learn the martial skill in the coaching centers of martial arts.


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