Kashida -Kashmiri Embroidery


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Are you looking for Kashida -Kashmiri Embroidery then check out this post to know more. Embroidery is an artwork done on textile material or the fabric for the show rich culture and royal tradition of people of different geographical position. Embroidery basically done by special sewing workers do stitching using a needle on fabric like thread, yarn, etc. In ancient times there were different techniques of embroidery work. Some of which is still used in modern days are chain stitch, blanket stitch, running stitch, satin stitch, cross stitch.

Kashida -Kashmiri Embroidery

Kashmiri Embroidery works have own recognition according to region or place and the fact is the work done by people of the region is not able to do by different people. This work is known as a different type like; Zari work, Aari work, Banjara embroidery, Banni & Kutchi Bharat (Gujarat), Chamba Rumal (Himachal Pradesh), Chikankari (Utter Pradesh), Gota (Jaipur), Kantha (Bengal), Kasuthi (Karnataka), Kashida (Kashmir) etc. The list is wide because India is gifted with a wide variety of culture and art.

Today we go through one of the works which are from Heaven of India Kashmir. Kashmir Embroidery also known as “KASHIDA” is a cultural part of people of Kashmir. Kashida is a very fine variety of embroidery done by hand. It includes Aari work, Sozni work and Jamavar. Proper in Kashmiri style Kashmiri embroidery KASHIDA shows the nature of Kashmir, the main theme of this work is nature, bird, flowers, creepers, chinar leaves, ghobi, mangoes, lotus, tree and also special Kashmiri teapot. The origin of this work is not much known but Legend Persian Sufi Saints brought these skills to the Kashmir and it is evolved during Mughal and Persian rulers.

The entire embroidery work is mainly based on chain stitch on material silk, wool, and cotton, but also we see running stitch, blanket stitch. It also includes different kinds of threads. The color of the work is usually light colors; white, cream but nowadays we can find stole and women wearing material in colors such as brown, maroon, blue and pink. This work is used in many areas from the apparel market to decorate things and utility items. In the apparel market, it is used for both men and women (Kurta, Duppatta, Dress Material, saree, etc.). In modern style, it is used in cardigans, shawl and jackets. This form of embroidery is also used for the blanket, Bed cover, bags, carpets, wall hangings and much more. In the weddings, specialized theme is also based on Kashmiri Embroidery where Groom and Bride wear their traditional suit and lehnga which is crafted Kashida embroidery by skilled workers.

It gives employability to local skill people. It also helps both ways people earn money and tradition of Kashmir spread all over the world where nowadays e-commerce is available all over.


From early time to today Kashmiri Embroidery (Kashida) has its own recognition all over the country and also around the world. It reflects the historic traditional art of the Kashmir. Today when globalization and shared culture is happening everywhere the demand of Kashida embroidery increase significantly.


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