Karnataka’s bronze ware “Lost Wax” Technique


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Karnataka’s bronze ware “Lost Wax” 

lost wax is from Karnataka, Karnataka is supposed to be one of the leading and most progressive states of Southern India. Being rich in heritage, food industry, and clothing culture, it has also fairly contributed to enhancing the temple structures and adding more to its beauty. Metalcraft is one such old art of Karnataka. The traditional way called ‘Cire Perdue‘ in French, i.e. Lost Wax method is used to carry out the metalcraft.

Metal Ware also is a craft tradition that is popular in Karnataka houses since long and has provided the citizens a fair chance of employment. Metal Ware has been proven as an ancient tradition. The sculptures made up by the artists are widely appreciated due to their intricate and creative work. The metal ware includes the works of bronze, tin, copper, zinc and brass casting.

lost wax
Karnataka’s bronze ware “Lost Wax” Technique

Technique of Karnataka’s bronze ware “Lost Wax”

Here, the people profusely believe that ‘Bronze‘ reflects divine aura! Hence, the idols of deities in the temples are sculptures of bronze. While scientifically, bronze materials can be stored for a long time and are unbreakable provided the maintenance is good.

These temples portray the history in an attractive manner. Not just mythological sculptures but also household objects, showpiece icons, lamps etc can also be made with these metals. Outsiders are simply amazed by the mesmerizing work done by the artists in spite of difficulties during casting.

It is not just a specific region of this state, that designs religious structures with metals but various different regions of Karnataka play a significant role in keeping this art alive!

Karnataka's bronze ware "Lost Wax" Technique
Karnataka’s bronze ware “Lost Wax” Technique

Nagamangala, a place near Mysore is a renowned center for bronze casting(shaping the metals). The makers of bronze here have portrayed their beautiful and intricate workpieces like ‘The Anatomy of Human Body’. Whereas Mangalore hails domestic articles made up of bell metal.

Karkala is also an ancient center of Jain, popular for its metalware sculptures. Udupi is a celebrated town of temples, where it has secular objects and petite images. There also exists an art of doing the craft on a metal plate, may it be of zinc, tin, lead, copper etc. Known as Bidriware which belongs to Bidar area of Karnataka. Household articles like bowls, candlesticks, jugs, pen holders, plates are made of these.

Villages of Karnataka also produce lamps made up of metals such as brass and bell metal. Desirable sizes and quantity is considered by the makers and is made available accordingly!

Karnataka’s bronze ware “Lost Wax” Technique

Karnataka's bronze ware "Lost Wax" Technique
Karnataka’s bronze ware “Lost Wax” Technique

The villagers carve fantastic articles and types of equipment with the ‘lost wax’ method and further perform the casting process to create wonderful idols.

These artworks prove to be a smart option of attracting tourists to their place and spreading awareness of this rare creation! Moreover, showpieces and articles made up of bronzeware have been kept at world-class museums for display which adds up to another proud moment of State Karnataka.

Eventually, this denotes that Karnataka has truly rich age-old customs and citizens of its roots have been trying to keep it alive and maintain its dignity.


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