Remarkable Bomkai Sarees of Orissa

India since prehistoric times has been a land of cultural values and communities. In this blog, we are going to discuss one such community who share a remarkable place in weaving sector of Orissa and they are none other than the Bhulia Community.

They are the weaver caste and are primarily recognized for tie-dye fabrics. Also, their major contribution is towards the arts, literature, and tradition of Orissa.

They belong to the Subarnapur district. Their primary product is the very famous handloom sarees named Bomkai, also well known as Sonepur sarees.

Remarkable Bomkai Sarees of Orissa

Remarkable Bomkai Sarees of Orissa

Sonepur Bomkai Sarees 

Sonepur is also known as second Varanasi of India for its cluster of temples having architectural importance and mystique. Also famous for silk, handloom, prawns, terracotta etc.

Many popular items are displayed in fashion shows from their end and some of them are Sonepuri handloom sarees, sonepuri paatas and silk sarees.

The term Bomkai was first originated in the village of Bomkai, Ganjam District of Odisha.

Remarkable Bomkai Sarees of Orissa

Remarkable Bomkai Sarees of Orissa

Bomkai, woven on a pit loom, is an extraordinary fabric that results from the confluence of two extremely popular components of the textile industry of Orissa.

It can be explained as an extra weft technique on a pit loom. It is an outcome of both ikat and embroidery interwoven into each other.

The borders are often in contrast colors and pallus are given an intricate threadwork.

The motifs on the bomkai are inspired by nature and tribal art.

These famous sarees are very well chosen and worn by popular celebrities on their wedding occasions. Radha Kunj, a kind of bomkai has been worn by Aishwarya Rai herself on one of the occasions of her grand wedding.

Three sarees were specially designed for the occasion by Chaturbhuj Meher from Sonepur.


Bomkai is the oldest brand names among the handwoven of Odisha. Now, these sarees are available widely in online stores. These are extremely striking with beautiful patterns and ornamentation.

They showcase awesome embroidery and can be worn with suitable jewelry. Perfect for festive occasions and casual wear as well. These collections are a comforting feast to every woman.


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