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The pristine beauty of Indian subcontinent is visible not only in the beautiful Himalayas, or the backwaters of Kerala or the untouched beauty of the northeast. The beauty of Incredible India lies in its diversity, in its people, in its food and more importantly in its culture.
In addendum, there are certain exotic locations that exist in India too, that are extravagant and hold immense significance. These locations are inclusive of the archaic heritages like the Taj Mahal in Agra and contemporary beauties like the azure coloured beaches of Goa. The Indians that are bestowed with brilliant landmarks like these leave no stone unturned to preserve these historic sites. Indians are according to a survey harmonious and prefer being bound to close knitted communities that a high sense of moral obligations and one’s duties to their families. It is what makes India so orthodox yet so astounding.

Even a phenomenon as simplistic as the attire of an Indian is also mostly caste dependent. Having established the fact that cotton is widely produced commodity in India it is also primarily a raw material that is utilized in producing clothes, mostly “saris” for the women and “lungi” for the men of India. These articles of clothing are categorically drapes of cotton that are tied intricately to cover the human body aesthetically. Alongside cotton, wheat is produced in bulks as it is a prerequisite in the Indian diet. Other Indian foods that are tempting and scrumptious include “idli and dosa” that each household indubitably consumes. A mix of contrasting elements like the spicy Indian stew called masala and the mixture of pungent spice that makes up the curry.

Indian subcontinent’s ethnic diversity has produced a rich cultural blend. Indians identify themselves with a unique philosophy, literature, architecture, art and music that have spread across other continents.
Apart from their delicious food, the Indians around the globe have created homage for themselves in the most important industry of recent times that is without the doubt the cinematography industry. Indian classical and folk music is melodiously captivating. Indian traditional dances like the Bhangra and Bharatnatyam are also famous. Dancing and drama schools have also been set up all around India so as to provide a means to burgeon this industry. This was done categorically because the Indian cinema is renowned with regard to its popularity. Dances that are carefully choreographed in movies were initially and in some cases still are a part of the festivals celebrated and cherished in India all year round. The people of this region have many celebrations throughout the year. Muslims mark the end of the Ramadan month with a celebration of Eid. Buddhists celebrate the birthday of Siddhartha etc. The main characteristic of the Indian subcontinent is that the religious diversity has fostered tolerance, unity, and love among the people.

Many people have the misconception that Hindi is the only language spoken in the subcontinent. The truth is that it has seven territories that speak various languages which range from Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Punjabi and Bengali but there is no official language in India. Religion is core to its people, and the most commonly used religions are Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. According to a census in 2011, about 80% of Indian residents identified themselves as Hindu, making Hinduism the most followed religion, with predominant variations in Shakteya, Shaiva, Vaishnava, and Smarta. Christianity, Sikhs, and Atheism are also practised, though in smaller numbers.

Witness the miracle that is India, the beauty, the food, the people, the culture is for all to see. It is not for naught that it is also known as “Incredible India”.

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