71aaSalil Metha believes that everyone is a fresher at the onset of a season in this business of fashion jewellery. This, despite the fact that one often hears about having spent two or three decades in this line of business. The ‘season’ is the Western concept to introduce new styles and range of products every six months or so. There is no permanency and each one has to compete to grab the attention of a foreign buyer though some may profess of having a dedicated buyer’s portfolio.

Fashion is cyclic and may return to the original after a few seasons. Instead of a short necklace and bracelet, it may be a long necklace and an armlet. Nothing is permanent and it all depends of the high priest of fashion. However, small changes do take place in terms of colours or bead sizes and so on. In fashion jewellery designing, one has to keep a close watch on the emerging trends and there is a plethora of fashion magazines that provide adequate trends.

Salil Mehta

QTL Creations


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