The town of Madhopur is the perfect blend of wildlife and the natural beauty. As the sun sets over the town bringing into life every stone, the birds fly away and the deer runs far because it is time for the elegant tiger to play its part. In this same setting, you would find a villager coming to the river to wash a basket filled with black pots and glasses. This town is named after Maharaja Sawai Madho Singhji I who is known to have given it the current plan. Apart from this, the city has witnessed many historic reigns from Rana Kumbha to Akbar and Aurangzeb. Every ruler played his part in the renovation and beautification of the city.

As time passed by, the city itself has undergone various changes while nurturing the handicrafts practice by the local artists. This sector has flourished even after having faced some hard times. The major attraction of these crafts is the unique and special way in which they do pottery which is black in color. The clay used is from the banks of the Banas River which is cleaned and stored. The mud is turned beautifully in the wheel and after a desired shape is achieved, it is cut from the bottom using a thread. The potter then uses his skill to smoothen and polish the product which is then dried and finally fired. The greyish black hue in the pottery is the speciality of Sawai Madhopur.

These kumbhars-the traditional potters, also create paperweights, decorative figures, plaques of deities. Each product of the pottery speaks a story of these artisans who have revived after a financial breakdown.


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