The manufacturer also recycles wood, mostly takSunil Bhadari’s company manufactures only hand-crafted products exclusively for the overseas market. Though buyers have preferences in design and style, these are blended with Rajasthani styles and motifs.

Though the products manufactured by Desert Art Export may look small, the workmanship to create them is time-consuming as each block or cut-out has to be precise: there cannot be a minute gap as it would mar the entire look.

Wooden plaques are made on specific demand, meant for display in public places.
In some of these, even small carved figurines have to be incorporated. This art is a specialty of Rajasthan. The company now manufactures a small variety of furniture like
stools with eco-friendly material tops. These are exported to environment-conscious countries, mostly in Europe. The other products are trays and table top gift items. These
too have engravings, while the designs differ from country to country.

33aaSunil Bhandari



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