Arts & crafts Inc is a new entrant in this field of furniture manufacturing. It has attained an enviable reputation in the US market through its quality and exacting delivery schedules. The company has not ventured into other markets.

Vinod Singh Rajpurohit makes solid wood furniture only and the volumes are
larger. The unit has been able to achieve this through modern machines. In addition, it does proper seasoning of wood before any item is created. The volumes depend on market
requirements and often the demand spurs leaving very little time for adjustments. The
planning, therefore, has to be perfect and that is what the company excels in.

19aa                The buyers are normally large store chains and their representative often visit or inspect the samples and at times offer minor modifications. Once that is done then it is question of mass production and shipment. Care is taken to ensure that the products reach the destinations without any damages.

Vinod Singh Rajpurohit



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