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Apart from waving the body, dance is always considered as a medium of conveying an expression of mind or state. And also considered as an exercise by some ‘Aerobics guru’, when the body moves rhythmically to the music of countless beats.

Dance relaxes the body calm the mind and releases our stress to the greater extent. Formerly many dance forms are present. In this Incredible India, almost all state owns its own dance forms .

there are many dance forms such as : Bharatnatyam , Kathak, Kathakali,  Kuchipudi,  Oddisi,  Sattriya,  Mohiniattyam  and many more… The names are endless and so does the enjoyment.

nati dance
Himachal Traditional Nritya: Nati

Himachal Pradesh always retains the traditional appeal and always celebrates the major fairs and festivals with the accompaniment of Performing Arts of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Pradesh, the land of dances, has a beautiful variety of dance forms. There are dances for every occasion, in every form carrying a unique identify for every region.

 Nati refers to the traditional dance of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, the most important dance form among the Performing Arts of Himachal Pradesh.

Himachal Traditional Nritya: Nati


This dance form is centuries old and the amalgamation of traditional Kulluvi colourful dresses and musical instruments .

Seven types of Nati dances are popular in Himachal Pradesh including Dhili Nati, Pheti Nati, Tinki Nati, Bushehri Nati, Mahasuvi Nati, Sirmauri Nati and Lahauli Nati, Kinnauri Nati.

The Kinnauri Nati dance is mime-like and includes languid sequences. Important among the dances of Nati is ‘Losar shona chuksom’. The name from Losai, or the New Year. Activities such as sowing the crop and reaping it are included in it.

This dance is performed by both men and women and in this dance forms almost twelve to fifteen number of people are present, however, the number does not matter. Nati is continued for hours and hours until the orchestras and gets exhausted.

There is a long procession of dancers who are accompanied by musicians playing ethnic instruments. These insturments include Kranal, Shehnai, Dhol and Nagara. The shehnai played by the Hesis, which is life to this dance, The music supervises slow, but this tricks you and make you swing to its beat and rhythm.

The costumes used in this dance are shoes, socks, Boomani, Lachi, Gacchi, Churidar, Pyjamas, Silver chains, Ghagra, Choli. The women, however, also wear ornaments of silver and gold called Chuki and Tunki. Ornate fan is being used in one hand and handkerchief in another.

pride of kullu


In 2016 with pride, honour and talent, Nati, the dance of  joy, entered the Guinness Book of World Record. It was performed by 9892 women on 26th October 2015 and registered as the largest participated dance of the world on the second week of 2016.

It was recorded from many cameras at the International Dussehra on the grounds of Dhalpur. The Nati dance of Kullu holds an earlier record in the Limca Book of World Records for the participation of 8,540 in 2014.

The event was phrased as “The pride of Kullu” and it was dedicated to spread the message of girl child and  to promote the campaign “Beti Hai Anmo” of the government of Himachal Pradesh.



This dance is also performed on Vijay Dashmi in October. This dance is also for New Year celebration and it also celebrates rich yield of this state.

Reaping and harvesting is being celebrated along with this dance. This dance of state has two goals i.e. it welcomes the coming of New Year and it is also an indication of rich harvest.

The local deities (called Devtas ) are believed to dance to it, through the tunes played by the traditional musical instruments.The music makes you swing with its rhythm.

Nati is representative of the joy and bliss that the Himachal folks experience at the time of the rich harvest of the crops.

And when you experience it personally its slows music on the string of souls hypnotises and take you to another level of mind, makes you oscillate , and feel the inner peace which is inexpressible.


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