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A well recognized name in the apparel industry.

Grey’s Exim are over 4 decades old and strive to forge ahead in their mission to provide all apparel requirements under one roof. Ever since their inception, they’ve grown consistently, year after year. And the reason for their success lies in their committed belief in KAIZEN – the Japanese notion, through which they practice continuous improvement and hence advance to success.


Grey’s Exim provides an extensive range of services, varying from yarn sourcing to production of almost any type of garments. They specialize in their ability to process high fashion garments in the most affordable manner, providing a very economical output, but also maintaining the high standards in quality. Their strengths comprise in taking challenges in producing fabrics which are considered very unique and technical.


Over the years, they have established working relations with customers of varied scales in different parts of the world including USA, Canada, Italy, UK, Brazil, South Africa and Japan, amongst many others.



Their journey in the clothing and fashion industry began almost 4 decades ago when Mrs. Mehul Sedani started Grey’s Exim Private Limited, primarily as a fabric manufacturing facility. She had the opportunity to work with some of the most reputed and extremely talented designers in Europe, which eventually led Grey’s Exim Pvt. Ltd. to being clothing manufacturers.


They elementally manufactured children’s wear clothing for their customers based in Europe. The idea of selling this product in the Indian market struck them, when they used to gift the garments, that they are producing for the European customers, to their family and friends. The sheer joy that they saw on the faces of the children when they were being gifted with the clothing, made them believe that there is tremendous scope for these products in India.


Grey’s Exim’s Manufacturing Unit at Bangalore is a highly professional and modern manufacturing facility. Spread over 40,000 sq.ft and situated in an environmentally conducive location, the facility boasts of being able to process almost every requirement in-house. They pride in their ability to manufacture about 200,000 knits & wovens garments every month.


Grey’s Exim boasts of a highly experienced design team that constantly develops new fabrics suited to the emerging fashion trends around the globe. Their ultra modern CAD facility for woven and printed fabric designs, enables a customer to create a sample of the fabric desired, with choices from their exhaustive stock of over 5000 colors of yarns. A full-fledged sampling division, along with in-house Washing, Screen Printing, Embroidery and Garment Dyeing divisions; ensuring the quickest turnaround of samples.


It is no amaze that Grey’s Exim are an ISO (International Standard Organization) 9001:2008 rated factory. They are also accredited for SEDEX standards with the highest rating (green) for social and technical compliance. They follow the 2.5 AQL standard for garment quality.


Grey’s Exim Pvt. Ltd. have adapted their organization to conduct environmentally responsible activities by setting up an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Water recycling plant among other facilities. Their design and production team, uses advanced computerized equipment which has been recognized and appreciated by many international customers.


Grey’s Exim not only takes care of their customers but also of their workers and staff. They offer various facilities such as subsidized meals, a creche and a day care center for all workers’ children under the age of 6 years, an on-site nurse and doctor and complimentary pick-up and drop service for all.


Grey’s Exim’s global presence includes offices at Mumbai and Salem in India, manufacturing unit at Bangalore, India and a design studio at London,UK which specializes in providing them with latest design trends for their kids brands Pretty Please and Pokket Rocket.

Pretty Please

Pretty Please is a clothing line for the suave, smart, stylish and confident young lady who knows her mind! The fashion aesthetics comes more from a young woman’s fashion, concised into children’s sizes. It is a fun clothing line created to impress the free spirit of the young Indian generation. It can be worn for an informal party as well as well as to a play area! It is an extension of the spirit of the young kid whose soul is pure and innocent.

“The clothing exudes this very feeling. This is for every future Indian DIVA – for me, every child is a DIVA in her own domain.

Enjoy the Pretty Please experience!!”

~Mehul Sedani – Founder Of Grey’s Exim Pvt. Ltd



Mr. And Mrs. Sedani, the founders of Grey’s Exim, diligently work towards their aim and leave no stone unturned in spreading smiles through their products.




~Ifrah Tanweer


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