Iqbal Paramount Metal Industries has been in the business for 50 years and is well aware of the trends in the market. One of the first exporters of glassware, Mohd Asad Shamsi has perfected the art of glassmaking to a high degree.

The designs of the glass lamps are traditional but the embellishments on them have set them apart from all others. The candleholders too come in different shapes, size and colours making them stand out.

23aaThe company has an in house design team that works hard to produce top of the line stuff. However, Mohd Asad Shamsi is always in touch with his clients around the world – the company exports to the USA among 350-odd countries – who often suggest design changes or sometimes even completely new concepts. These changes are accepted and put into production.

The company has built a reputation for itself with its exclusive and innovative designs and timely delivery schedule, in addition, Iqbal Paramount Metal Industries is also
known for its quality products.

Though the products manufactured by the company are not eco-friendly. Mohd Asad Shamsi tries his utmost to maintain a strict watch on the production process and ensure minimum pollution to the environment.

Asad Shamsi



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