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Guys we all love trips and tours because it gives us rest and makes us fresh and energetic in order to work further. Have you ever wondered if going to Gangasagar? Believe me, visiting once to Ganga Sagar Mela is worth a lifetime. Hindus from all over the world visit this holy place because it is the place where the legendary king of the Ikshvaku dynasty Bhagiratha brought the river goddess Ganga to the earth from the heavens.

Gangasagar is one of the most popular Hindu pilgrimage or tirtha in India and nowadays people not only from India but also from foreign countries visit this place. Every year a large number of people gather here to worship the goddess Ganga. On the aesthetic and auspicious occasion of Makar Sankranti devotees visit here to seek blessings of Ganga. Getting a bath in Gangasagar Mela is considered to be enormously sacred. After taking bath usually people visit the nearby Kapil Muni Temple which is again considered as sacred. The Kapil Muni Temple is so beautiful as if heaven is in front. Well, you may be thinking how come I know this? But let me tell you I have visited Gangasagar Mela and Kapil Muni Temple when my lovely grandma told me that King Sagar, a brave and honest king performed an Ashwamedha Yagna just like Lord Ram and King Yudhisthira in order to win over the entire universe.

ganga sagar mela

On Makar Sankranti, this place becomes highly crowded. Many of the Naga Sadhus who are the devotees of Lord Shiva also worship goddess Ganga and visit this holy place. Hence they are considered as one of the biggest attractions there. I wanted to visit Gangasagar mela this Makar Sankranti too but because of Covid 19 all the timings are changed for Pooja and taking bath. Since the place is crowded during Makar Sankranti, Gangasagar will be kept open only for short time. I have seen beaches there and the fairgrounds too which are amazing. The Sagar Lighthouse and port and the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram seem to be lighted during this festival.

But don’t worry recent news came that Bengal Government is organizing the Gangasagar Mela despite the pandemic threat and announced to celebrate Makar Sankranti with great joy. The government is planning for a meeting in order to discuss the timings of Mela. The government says that due to pandemic social distance and hygiene should be maintained of course. Also due to the pandemic 800 volunteers are kept to help pilgrims maintain social hygiene as per the Hindustan Times recent news.

This is the first time in the history of India when Gangasagar will not be so crowded. Otherwise, my grandma always used to tell me that Gangasagar Mela during Makar Sankranti was so much crowded that one can’t be used to make difference between Gangasagar Mela and Kumbh Mela. Whatever the decision of the government be one thing is decided that we all gonna have fun this weekend. So all the best enjoy yourself. Have a great and remarkable Makar Sankranti.


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