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Gangasagar Mela is one of the biggest fairs after Kumbh Mela where thousands of devotees gather to take a holy dip in the Ganga river. Gangasagar is also known as the Sagardwip. 

Ganga Sagar Mela

Gangasagar is located 135 km far from Kolkata city. At the dwip the holiest river Ganga meets the Bay of Bengal. Gangasagar fair is always organized in the month of January on the occasion of the Makar Sankranti which is dedicated to deity Surya.

On the day of Makar Sankranti, the thousand of devotees gathers to take a holy dip in Ganga river to clear all their sin. The fair is the spiritual significance of great vigor and enthusiasm.

According to Indian mythology, the Ganga river is the holy river with which Hindus religiously connected therefore the myth that taking a dip will clean all sin are connected with spirituality. Gangasagar is the most sacred place having a temple of Kapil Muni, according to old mythologies Kapil muni was Lord Vishnu.

Ganagsagar mela considered one of the biggest fairs because the visiting of tourists in huge numbers from different countries makes spirituality turned into a huge festival.

Despite the color, background, culture and nationalities devotees take bath in the same Gangasagar and worship Lord Vishnu. Gangasgar had been mentioned in ancient mythologies also. Once a learned saga explained the significance of taking bath at Gangasagar to Bhisma.

After taking bath the devotees visit the Kapil muni temple nearby the sagardwip which is considered as the custom to visit after a bath to complete rituals performing prayers and puja with deep devotion.

There is a number of devotees from different states and countries but among them, the Naga Sadhus are high in number having body smeared with ash. Apart from the temple and religious activities, Sagardwip is a beautiful island where you can take relax from day to day hectic lifestyle near beaches.

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