flaxseed chutney

The history of Indian cuisine starts over 5k years back when various cultures interacted with India and led to diversity flavors. This cuisine also depends on the soil texture, regional culture, season, etc.

Flaxseed Chutney

Flax seed is very healthy for anyone who is nonallergic to it. It contains Omega 3 or alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) which is an essential fatty acid. And hence can reduce cholesterol levels. Besides this, it also in holds ligands that contain antioxidants and estrogen. This keeps the heart healthy and also reduces the risk of certain type of cancer. Flaxseed is also rich in protein, fibers, vitamin B1, magnesium, and more.

flax seed

But not every healthy food is tasty. So are flax seeds. They are included in the diet in different forms like flaxseed oil, flax seed chutney, baked flaxseed, etc.

Among all this, we could say that flax seed chutney is most tasty and along with flaxseed it also includes other ingredients such as garlic, Indian spices, rock salt, sesame seeds, etc. Again all this all good for health.

flax seed

The chutney could be either dry or paste. They have different flavors depending on the different regions and uses. You can eat flax seed chutney along with idli, roti, dosa, rice, or sprinkle it on toast, pizza, and any food you like.

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