Mirage Jewellery has been in the business of manufacturing fashion jewellery since 1955 and is, perhaps, the oldest in this business. Anil Patel does not believe that fashion is dictated by someone else. It is created by all of us and we keep it alive in the market place.
It is not the fashion; instead they follow the fashion that is created by companies like Mirage Jewellery.

Anil Patel does not use gold or silver but other metals because the cost factor is an important aspect in fashion jewellery. Unlike jewellery made from precious metals, people prefer to have several types of fashion jewellery depending on their dress sense as well as the season of the year. Therefore, manufacturers, according to Anil Patel, have to be cost conscious. The quality too has to be good. Mirage’s exports are not confined to one market or one continent – it is spread out far and wide. The designs, however, differ from country to country.

Anil Patel

Mirage Jewellery Pvt.  Ltd.


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