While leather is the common for making handbags, there are other equally durable and 68aabeautiful materials that are used to pamper fashion conscious ladies. For most ladies and women, designer handbags are the best matching fashion accessory. While they can be costly, designer bags created by Kurozity endures many years of use.

To be in tune with the latest and if you are seeking affordable handbags produced with top class craftsmanship and readily available in different styles, take a look at Ijaz Hussain Mir’s creations. Designed by an in-house team, Kurozity’s bags are reasonably priced and a number of them are in leather shades. Often buyer’s suggestions are incorporated in the designs but the end product has the usual Kurozity characteristics: strong and well-built. There is no need to visit a high-end designer boutique for a Kurozity bag as you will discover that a lot of department stores hold this mid-range brand. The current collection features top-of-the-line bags with chunky chains and long shoulder straps. It is no wonder that Ijaz Hussain Mir’s designs have found a ready following in the USA and Europe.

Aijaz Hussain Mir



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