J J Form Arts takes pride in manufacturing products that are normally considered 46aadiscarded material and surprisingly buyers from the Western countries have taken a fancy for those items. Even ordinary materials such as hessian or old paper are used to create beautiful paper mache articles.

Old, discarded railway sleepers are used to make tabletops or chairs that provide a rustic look. The company does not believe in the term, ‘waste’. Even animal bones are used to decorate table tops and boxes with inlay patterns. When that is not available, “mother of pearls” is used to create the ivory-like inlays.

The United States of America is J J form Art’s biggest market where there are environment concerns and the company’s products are appreciated a lot. Now, a few of the Scandinavian countries have started demanding the company’s product s. in fact several buyers offer suggestions on design and materials to be used. The company’s attempt to create environmentally-friendly products is making an impact in developed countries.

Jinesh Kothari



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