Beautiful Craft Silver Filigree of Karimnagar


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Silver Filigree of Karimnagar

Silver Filigree of Karimnagar is a special branch of jewelry that is made by manipulating thin ductile metal threads, usually made from gold or silver.

They are very delicate and attractive. Very fine flexible metals are curled, twisted, and given a required shape, after which they are attached at the point of contact by the means of silver or gold soldering and borax.

Silver Filigree of Karimnagar
Silver Filigree of Karimnagar

Karimnagar silver filigree gets its name from the name of the town – Karimnagar. Filigree is a specialty of Cuttack in Orissa and Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh in India.

Silver Filigree of Karimnagar
Silver Filigree of Karimnagar

Silver filigree was traditionally adopted as livelihood by many families for generations. It is principally centered at Karimnagar and areas near it.

The making of filigree silver wire in itself is a thrilling process. Blocks of pure silver are converted to a very fine hair like wires using a wire drawing machine.

Silver Filigree of Karimnagar
Silver Filigree of Karimnagar

The thinnest wires are heated and wrapped around a charkha and flattened again. They are then crimped again into a zigzag structure depending upon the selected designs.

The designs and themes are chosen from the flora and fauna and the geometric patterns.

Silver Filigree of Karimnagar
Silver Filigree of Karimnagar

Main ornaments produced were for both regular and occasional use. For example earrings, necklace, rings, ash tray, pendants, the statue of Gods and Goddesses, flowers, birds, decorative items, trays, etc.

With the passing years, the trends have changed, due to which the demand and value of this art had decreased. Now the Craftsman are dependent on tourist who visits this places to take this artistic piece as home souvenir.

Various government bodies and agencies are taking action to save this endangering art but the efforts need to more active in promoting this dying art.

The craftmans are organizing in various self help group, forming co-operative societies and trying to create more awareness and demand of their artistic products.

And various events are also organised to promote these product and save them for extinction.


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