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Are you looking for Chain Stitch design? then to check out this post. Asia embroiders few of the most beautiful patterns in the world. Suzhou from China, Chikan from India, Nashi Kantha from Bangladesh are some examples. One of the most famous embroidery techniques in Asia is the Chain stitch method.

Chain Stitch Embroidery

It is said to have originated in China and then spread its roots to the rest of Asia and the rest of the world through the Silk Route.Traditionally, chain stitching was used to embroider wedding dresses and gowns.

In chain stitching, a series of loops are stitched to form a chain-like pattern. Due to the flowy and flexible patterns formed by the chain stitch method, this form of embroidery is used to recreate drawings or sketches on cloth using colorful threads.

Chain Stitch Design

Shading and other artistic effects can be achieved when these stitches are closely made to fill shapes. Common motifs sewed in this type of embroidery include birds, flowers, animals, etc. Folks in South Africa and Chile use chain stitching to transfer their heritage to the cloth.

Chain Stitch Design
Bird created using chain stitch

A Chain stitch is creating by inserting a thread from the underside of the cloth and then securing a loop with the thumb. Then another stitch is passed through this loop and similarly, a chain of loops is created.

The backside of the cloth mirrors the front side here. Various kinds of chain stitch include Back-stitched chain stitch, Braided stitching, Cable chain stitch, Knotted chain stitch, Open chain stitch, Petal chain stitch, Rosette chain stitch, Singalese chain stitch, etc.

Basic chain stitch
Rosette Chain stitch
Braid stitch
Formation of the double-locking chain stitch

Chain stitching is used in rainwear, inseams of denim, shirts and securing back locks. One of the earliest sewing methods was based on the chain stitch technique and this machine was invented by a French tailor, who made and sold 80 such machines to a factory in Paris.

Fearing competition, rivals destroyed all the machines. In the mid 19th century, successful chain stitch embroidery and sewing machines were patented in USA and France.

Basic chain stitching is not very difficult and many people choose to learn it as a hobby. There are inexpensive chain stitch kits available in the market for beginners which you can pick up and start sewing. So, the next time you are bored and the inner artist in you needs an awakening, you might want to consider picking up a chain stitch kit to create beautiful pieces of art.


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