Chadar – The Frozen River Trek


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At present in twenty-first-century life is running like a metro. Everyone has plenty of work and own personal reasons to earn. Working for hours continuously, living between technologies, reaching deadline is now a part of daily routine. In between this people are facing a huge gap between nature and them. Although to overcome this if you are planning to explore places and experience the adventurous thrill then leave your amenity behind and visit Chadar- the frozen river trek. The name Chadar (sheet of ice), itself depicts the quality of place.

Chadar or Zanskar George is a place in Zanskar region of Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. A sheet of ice which is approx 65 miles (one way) where the aura of -20℃ to -25℃ will refrigerate you from head to toe. Eye seducing scenery, chilled temperature, frozen river, sledges, campsites, and caves are the attractions of the place which make it one of the most unique treks of the country. At chadar, the trek is controlled by ALTOA (All Ladakh Tour Operators Association) which send trekkers in groups. Each group consists of ten to fifteen people including boys and girls. Ladies are also interested in these thrills so they take an active part in it.

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If you have thought to carry heavy belongings on the trek then the fact you must be reminded is of overload on the ice sheet had taken up several lives.

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Best time to visit is from December to February. In winter the frozen river covered with ice seems like a white shiny sheet. The breathtaking beauty of Ladakh and allover ice spread resembles the divine beauty. No need to worry about the meal over here. Food enriched with nutrition and mouthwatering taste will be served in front of you.

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Things to keep in mind –

a) Prepare yourself physically and mentally as here you will be in arms of nature in absence of types of equipment so it needs to sustain oneself according to it.

b) Walking on frozen ice might be difficult but not impossible so expect some sweet pain during it. All you can observe the experience and techniques of locals which will better help to accommodate.



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c) First aid should be carried out for an emergency. Moreover, avoid taking electrical gadgets on the trek because of low temperature.

d) Keep oneself warm with appropriate coverings.

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People believe that Chadar is the toughest trek in India. But for the adventure seeker who loves to spend time with nature and facing difficulty is their passion then Chadar is not less than a paradise on earth for them. So next time while planning a trek do visit the place to lie in the lap of nature. The snaps of snowy aura will decorate your diary of memory for a lifetime.


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