Carvings of antiquity



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While talking about the Carvings of antiquity – the Prince Art Exporter manufactures has a wide range of products from furniture to gift items and everything in between. In manufacturing furniture, of course, the exporter’s speciality is carving which gives an antique look. The products have a wide appeal in the countries of the Middle East as well as Spain and a few Scandinavian countries. In fact, South Africa, Turkey and even Sri Lanka have shown considerable interest in such types of furniture. The designs preferred by buyers in these countries differ so a lot of customization as buyer’s demands have to be undertaken. Other accessories like side tables, chairs, and centre tables are also customized.
The manufacturer also recycles wood, mostly taken out of old villas or big, old houses and redesigns to make furniture. There is also demand for large doors and door 68aaframes that have an antique look. These are mostly used by hotels to provide a royal touch to their interiors.

The company’s design team creates fascinating objects from waste wood, which are primarily decorative or for gifting.

Mahaveer Jain



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