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Cane is one of the most commonly used materials in Assam. There are many cane products used in houses, people working in the agriculture field, chairs, table, stools, etc. This may be due to its lucidness and comfort and also its special feature to bend in any shape. No machinery is used in the making as this is mostly a household industry. The Kurihara cluster in Baperta district of Assam is able to form 500 plus Artisans.

Cane is found in abundance almost all over the state. The most commonly used type of canes in Assam are Jati, Tita and Lejai. Not only entrepreneurs present in the state but also the local people have made this as their profession and made household industries. There are numerous families depending on the craft and to expand their culture. The production of cane requires high skill and the people from Cachar district have high skill in the manufacture.


The manufacture of the products consists of cutting the stems of cane longitudinally into various sizes by a billhook and heating on a slow flame. The soft surface is obtained by scraping off the upper layer of the cane.

 cane baskets

To build a foundation of basket first cane is burnt round a central core. The burns on the surface are removed by scrubbing of the surface. The cane strips are built up spirally, gradually increasing the width till the required height. The coils are joined by stitching and the finishing touches are given to make the basket by dipping them in a varnish. Thus, the production of cane basket is completed. To read more about bamboo and cane products od Assam follow the link


On 11 August 1999, Ministry of Environment and Forests along with UNIDO, UNDP, FAO and INBAR has conducted a seminar named “All-India Seminar On Bamboo development” in New Delhi. This seminar was the first step of a UN system initiative aimed at supporting the Government of India Bamboo Development plan, announced by Prime Minister on World Environment Day, 5 June 1999.

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This seminar was oriented around six themes namely resource development, food processing, and products, handicrafts, manufactured or industrial products, construction and energy and high-tech considerations in an effort to encompass all the most important development issues for this valuable raw material. On this occasion, various recommendations were considered from the working groups and other participants of the seminar which resulted in the formulation of “Cane and Bamboo Technological Upgradation and Networking Project”.

This helps in the development of the sector of bamboo and cane production. They also conduct events on topics regarding Bamboo processing and required machinery.



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