The revered texts are chanted mainly by the Buddhist Lamas

Are you looking for Buddhist Chanting Of Ladakh? then to check out this post. Lamas, the Buddhist priests of the Ladakh region recite the sacred Buddhist texts to promote the teachings, spiritual and philosophical knowledge endowed by the Buddha. Buddhist chanting also aids enlightenment and comes under the UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The chanting style depends from monastery to monastery, as well as from sect to sect, but the seven nominated styles that are listed in UNESCO are Nasthan Phyagzod, Chod, Kunrig, Shargangrima, Rigmachutuk, Guru Mantra, and Guhyasamaj Tantra.

Buddhist Chanting Of Ladakh

It is said that the Buddhist chanting uplifts the spiritual, moral and emotional wellbeing of the people. The evil spirits and their influence is also said to be subdued by this. Also, this chanting helps to attain the blessings of various deities and teachers.

Another reason to continue this practice would be to be liberated from the materialistic things of the world. It helps to meditate the mind and helps to purify the mind and the soul.

Buddhist priests also known as Lamas

Buddhist priests also known as Lamas

Who performs it:

The Buddhist chants of Ladakh are recited by the Lamas. However, there are two different forms of Buddhism prevailing in Ladakh, as well as four major sects, each with their own form of chanting. The four sects are Kagyud, Nyngma, Geluk, and Shakya.

Buddhist chanting of Ladakh aids in attaining enlightenment.

Buddhist chanting of Ladakh aids in attaining enlightenment.

How is it performed:

To perform the Buddhist chanting, groups are formed to recite the sacred Buddhist texts which are accompanied by a dance in the courtyards and monasteries or is continued by sitting indoors and reciting. One of the most important aspects of this chanting is the hand gestures or hand mudras made by the monks, which represent the Buddha.

The recitation of sacred Buddhist texts

The recitation of sacred Buddhist texts

The chanting is enhanced with rhythm and music by adding instruments like drums, trumpets, and bells.  The young monk, who are initiated to carry forward this legacy undergo years of training and practice under the supervision of their seniors to be excellent in the Buddhist chanting. They recite the texts daily in order to learn them by heart and know every aspect of them.

When is it performed:

This chanting takes place according to the important days in the Buddhist and agrarian calendars as well as according to the life cycle rituals.

 prayer to the deity

prayer to the deity

Where is it performed:

The Buddhist chant of Ladakh is mostly performed in monasteries and villages of Ladakh. It is a part of their daily routine to practice the chants in the assembly halls of the monastery.

The chants do not just act as prayers for personal growth, but also for world peace. Special attire is worn by the priests while performing the chants, which also depends on the style of chanting.

So next time you visit Ladakh do go to see this style of chanting!


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