The current vintage trend in home décor has brought back the craze for black metal items. Oxidized metallic items give a rugged look, which is extremely in these days. Black oxide is basically coating of stainless steel, copper based alloys, silver and zinc with ferrous material. To maximize corrosion resistance, black oxide is impregnated with oil. Craftsmen design a huge variety of items as per their creativity and market demand. The most commonly available oxidized handicraft items are ash-trays, gongs, bells, candle stands, vases and various other decorative items. Oxidized look is also used in making sculptures and idols. The sculptures of animals, Human Gods and Goddesses are also sculpted.Apart from handicrafts, oxidized jewelry is also a rage among the college going, and bohemian chic inspired women. The black finish chunk jewelry is a classic complement with the formal attire of working women.

Apart from the aesthetic charm, black metal is actually a value for money investment, as it never gets old. It is widely used for its antique look and finish. The black finish improves the non-corrosive properties of the metal, thereby preventing them from rusting. It makes the items long lasting and customers feel value in their purchase of oxidized items.

The blackening of metal surface improves the adhesion of it, which gives the paint and varnish a long lasting hold.This again maintains the look of these items for a longer time. Moreover, they are more sturdy because the black coating on metal surfaces does not make them brittle. Baking of surfaces is done within four hours of coating to avoid embrittlement.

Last, but not the least, the appearance, protection and various other qualities provided by the black oxide is very much cost effective, thus making it craftsman friendly. And its antique look makes it appealing for home decoration as well as for ethnic looking jewelry.


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