Natural Wonder Bioluminescent Beach


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Bioluminescent Beach

Bioluminescent Beach is very cool, In this digitally operated world, there are still some things that can not be experienced virtually. Experiencing natural Bioluminescent Beach beauties is one of such things. Watching photographs of natural beauty can be eye-soothing, the video may take the breath away but the real experience is most memorable, satisfying, and spiritually fulfilling.

In this huge offering of magical sceneries by nature, the bioluminescent event is most enchanting and eye-soothing. It is no wonder that bioluminescence is most widespread in the planet’s darkest places i.e. oceans. One of such most beautiful beach where the beauty of bioluminescence can be experienced is in Bangaram in Lakshadweep Islands.

Bioluminescent Beach Photo

A view of beauty of bangaram island in sunglight
Bioluminescent Beach

Bioluminescence is the phenomenon of emission and production of the night by living organisms. It generally occurs in marine organisms also, in this case, it is caused due to planktons and algae which inhabit the beach on Bangaram.

Some other animals like jellyfish get washed up on the shore due to high tides and glow during the night lightening the beach. When there is a high level of bioluminescence on the surface of the water the sea appears to be glowing snow white uniformly.

Bioluminescent Beach Surface Image

Bioluminescent Beach: Air Strip in Agatti
Bioluminescent Beach

Bangaram is a small island with a population of 10. There was a shortage of tourists to this place as this place lies far away in the ocean from India but after the construction of an airstrip on Agatti island, it has gained a significant number of tourists as this place becomes more accessible.

There is a resort on this island for the comfort of tourists. Beach tents are set up for tourists so that they can enjoy natural beauty and bioluminescence at night.

Bioluminescent Light at beach

Bioluminescent Light Beachside in Bangaram glowing snow white
Bioluminescent Light Beachside in Bangaram glowing snow white

This place is well suited for a holiday vacation as it lies deep in the ocean and far from the pollution of our world. But the pollution is reaching there slowly. Garbage thrown in the sea is reaching out and spoiling the beauty of this place.

Bioluminescent is the magic of nature. It is no less than a wonder. But in order to enjoy its beauty, we have to take care of it.


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