(n) – a little bit of heaven sent down to earth.

Twinkle, twinkle little star. Do you know how loved you’re? But, we won’t shout out loud – because we know the baby has to sleep, for when they wake up, they’ll move mountains. And, Berry Tree knows what it is to have a baby, and how they snuggle right into your heart. We really believe that, a baby is that bit of stardust which has fallen from the hands of God. Maybe, we essentially can’t read out a story to you, tuck you in tight, say a sweet prayer for you and kiss you goodnight. But, we sure know, that every sweet little baby boy/girl has a special way of adding joy into every single day.

Keeping that particularly in mind, Berry Tree promises to do crazy things for babies of all ages. Whether it’s food, a fancy romper, a classic onesie or even a stylish blanket – we develop to win the nubile hearts of all Toms’ and Jerrys’.

What began, as a baby-food venture – BerryTree has now blossomed into a stop-over for baby-products of every kind. Our exclusive range, keeping the comforts of babies in mind; is made with utmost care and incredible efforts ensuring the highest utility. Believing, in the ‘organic’ way of leading lives; we stress strongly on using organic raw-materials only. Sourced from remotest of parts around the globe, most of them offer non-polluted materials from areas of minimal urbanization. Hence, we guarantee you the cleanliness of the products – because who wouldn’t want products which are clean and free of tacky chemicals which are proven to be harmful for a growing infant. We emphasise on trusting only on the best out of the best, to give you the best anybody can.

Because we know, that only babies touch the world with loads of love. We love your babies, from the bottom of our heart. And your babies will love us, just the same. And we want them to be a fruit loop in a world full of cheerios.

Rajath K Rajeev


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