Beautiful Manipuri Traditional Dance

Jagoi dance popularly also known as Manipuri traditional Dance is the gift of Manipur, a small state of India located in the Northeastern part surrounded by hills on all sides. The location of Manipur is the rationale for cravings of its distinct and unique cultural identity in Manipuris.

The people have preserved and protected their rich tradition of dance and music for years.

The music and dance are very closely interwoven to the rituals and religions in Manipuris. It’s very rare to come across any Manipuri (meitei) who don’t know dance and music. The Indo-Mangoloid race that lives in Manipur is very artistic, emotional, and very deeply passionate.

This temperament is clearly reflected in their art forms both performing and visual. Dance and music play a very important role in their life and is a part of any social and religious ceremony. The movements of art are free-flowing with the waves of music.

Manipuri Traditional Dance Photo

Manipuri Traditional Dance

Manipuri Traditional Dance

The dance and music show the stories of ancient beliefs and myths. It shows the growth and changes made during the chronicle time. It is to express their beliefs and trust on their lords and show them faith in their gods. They dance to please and worship their lords.

There are two prominent dance forms. One of which is laysa or nupi jagoi. It is the feminine style of dance. It is very delicate and graceful.

Second of which is Tandva or napi Jagoi. It is the masculine style of dance. It is very vigorous and powerful. There is a high rate of participation in both forms. It has certain stunts to create excitement among the audience. This dance form gives Manipuri dance its uniqueness from the other classical dance forms of India. The costumes are very colorful and bedecked.

Manipuri Traditional Dance Photo

Manipuri Traditional Dance

Manipuri Traditional Dance

The dance and music are high pitched devotion to the god. The movements of the body during dance include footwork, leaps, turns, spins, etc. This makes Manipuri dance a great physical, emotional and spiritual experience.

-Darshana Jain


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