Beadwork of Gujarat

Beadwork is the known art which had been originated from very ancient time and today it has maintained it’s own status in many major parts of India. Among them Gujarat is the main centre of beadwork and hence also known as Motibharat across allover India.

This art came in limelight from 19th century and flourished till  20th century. Moreover, many communities from different parts of India were involved in this work so diverse styles came to exist from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Orissa.

Beadwork of Gujarat 

Home of beadworkers –

It had mainly originated from Saurashtra region of Gujarat and also practiced in Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Amreli, Junagadh and Ahemdabad, Dahad, Vadodara and Panchamahal.

What is beadwork ?

Beadwork of Gujarat

Beadwork of Gujarat

It is the process in which beads are beautifully placed on the surface of fabrics along the patterns with the help of thread and needle .Motifs and patterns are dictated by technique of putting two or more beads together. Majorly nylon threads are used to string the beads.

This process is also called Beading. Various types of geometrical and colourful beads seems enough to attract viewer. Earlier glass beads were only used but nowadays due to expensive availability plastic beads are focussed. Along with it Cowrie shells are also used in beading.

Process of beading –

A) Mono bead system :- In this process one row of bead is knitted along with other row. Colored beads are used on white background.

B) Tri bead system :- In this a net like effect is achieved. The technique of knitting is like crossing the all type of stichting in embroidery.

Few of the attractions of beadwork are household decorative, jewelleries, garments, soft furnishings and bags. Patches of beadwork are also made which is sewn on kurta, saree and bags.

Necklace – Beadwork.

House decoratives.


Beadwork of Gujarat

Beadwork of Gujarat

Beadwork has also great demand in foreign countries. Tourist mainly purchase these items. Items made of beadwork are in great demand during festivals like Navratri. Markets are beautifully decorated with these.

Beadwork is not only an art but a pride of tribals. It depict the culture of them and beauty of Gujarat.


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