5 Famous Beach Festival


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Famous Beach Festival

Beach Festival is very cool. It is no secret that today, spending time and having fun on one of the best and beautiful beach festival is on the bucket list of every traveler, and what is a better way to do it than drowning yourself in the fun that’s offered by the beach festivals? Sea-lovers it’s time for you to quench your thirst.

When it comes to beach festivals, what’s a better place than Goa? A beautiful place gifted with some of the most beautiful beaches in India, a pleasant climate, lots of greenery, and the most chilled out people in the country. Goa is synonymous with fun and relaxation and also one of the best places in the country that holds the most breathtaking and amazing beach festivals.

 beach festival


Did you know that festivals don’t have to mean getting washed out and traipsing through the mud to see your favorite artist? It can also mean chilling out on the pristine sands, swimming or surfing in clear blue waters, and soaking up rays while listening to a pop music that makes you want to show off some of your moves and that exactly is what a beach festival is all about.

Beach festival is an open air festival that is a confluence of the conventional with the modern and represents the culture and tradition of the respective place. We already know that the word festival itself is defined as a period of celebration. So when it comes to beach festivals, it is nothing but organized events of concerts, plays or films typically one held annually in the same place.

 beach festival

Some of the other cool features that beach festival offers are:

  • Beach bowling.
  • cricket.
  • Sandcastle competition and dancing.
  • Music festivals.
  • Boat parties.
  • And not to forget the delicious seafood.


1.Sonus Festival, Croatia: 

This beach festival is all about passion for underground electronic music, Sonus is tucked away on a little slice of paradise: Croatia’s Island of Pag. Once the suitcases hit the hotel floor, it’s five days and four nights of partying, which means beachside sets, boat fiestas, and plenty of pool action – whether that’s relaxing or raving.

 beach festival

2.Ultra Europe, Croatia: 

Born in Miami, Ultra Music festival has since taken its huge L.E.D. screens and colossal sound systems around the world, leaving its beloved EDM mark on Ibiza, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Santiago and Seoul, now taking up residency in Croatia. Aside from the main stadium event there is also outstanding beach parties that stands highlighted in this beach festival and a fun boat party that anyone in their right mind would not miss.

 beach festival

3.Boardmasters, U.K.

This beach festival Part music fest, part surf competition, this Fistral Beach festival is one of the largest events for professional British surfers. The music lineup isn’t too shabby either with past headliners like Snoop Dogg and Calvin Harris.

 beach festival

4.The Hangout Beach, Music and Arts Festival, Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The Hangout Festival is a massive music party at the beach that combines great tunes, athletic competition and fantastic food, particularly delicious local, fresh seafood.

Every year this event takes over Gulf Shores in May, featuring a variety of music genres, from electronic dance and hip hop to rock and indie, with artists performing on multiple stages. 2017’s lineup includes Mumford and Sons, Weezer and Twenty One Pilots, along with a host of others.

 beach festival

You’ll find all sorts of vendors and other entertainment too, including a Ferris wheel where you can take in amazing views of the crowd, stages and the beach.

Be sure to stop into the famous The Hangout bar for a drink and bring plenty of sunscreen for soaking up the sun while you dance to some of the biggest names in music.

5.Puri beach festival :

The Puri Beach Festival is celebrated annually at the coastal city of Puri in Orissa. Held every year in the month of November for about five days, the beach festival is a delightful celebration. In recent years, the beach festival has gained popularity. It has become an event attended by tourists from all over the country.

 beach festival

The festival has lots of entertaining events like cultural programs, exhibitions, fashion shows, delicious gastronomy, thrilling sports, etc. at the venue of the shores of Puri.

As per tourism prospects, the Beach Festival is unmissable. The festival provides an opportunity to showcase their talent and the prosperous cultural heritage of Orissa.


So finally all I would like to ask you is, what’s a summer without a good beach festival? If you want to enjoy some of the world’s best, consider planning a vacation based around one of these legendary beach festivals and experience a different version of FUN!


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