Celebrated vibrantly among the Sikhs, this festival calls for the beginning of New Year. To mark the harvest of Rabi crops, and to celebrate the foundation of Khalsa Panth, this festival is celebrated all over the globe having the Sikh community.

Usually, it’s celebrated on 13th of April, but in every 36 years, it gets shifted to 14th. This year it was celebrated on 14th April, so coming next year, it will be on 13th. With special langar being organized at the Gurudwaras, this day also entertains people with magnificent dance performances.

This day is also celebrated as the birth of Guru Gobind Singh – The Tenth Guru. People show their sincerity and devotion by visiting Gurudwaras early morning and being present in prayers meetings afterward.

Devotees visiting gurudwaras.

Devotees visiting gurudwaras.

In these meetings, chanting of five sacred verses is done. These verses were first recited by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in 1699. Amrita (holy water) is prepared in an iron vessel and then distributed to all the gathered devotees in Gurudwara.

The tradition says that the devotees sip the amrita five times and take a vow to protect their religion and work for Khalsa Panth.  After these people gather along and sing bhajans and kirtans, and mark the end of the festival with langar. The vegetarian meal is served to all the people by volunteers.

The rally carrying holy Guru Granth Sahib

The rally carrying holy Guru Granth Sahib

In villages, men and women form a group and dance to the beat of dhol.  As it’s a harvest festival, people also celebrate it in open fields, and ensure everyone is happy and gaiety.


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