Bagh printing

Bagh Print Fabric

Bagh print fabric is very unique Indian textile. Indian textiles are renowned for its uniqueness and ancient artistic background. Every region in the country has a tale of their own to tell and a culture that they are proud of.

Bagh printing is one among the thousands of intrinsic art forms that the country has, located in Bagh village of Madhya Pradesh.

From sarees to kurtis to pillow covers, Bagh printed apparel are gaining concern recently in large numbers and perhaps become a worldwide phenomenon in the near future.

Bagh Print Saress

Bagh Print Fabric

Bagh Print Fabric

Bagh printing is basically block printing and historically has Sindh as its birth place.

Due to migration and other geographical factors, a fraction of their craftsmen settled in the small village of Bagh and Bagh became the only node of production.

Now the art form has caught many people’s eyes worldwide and is because of the dyes that they use.

Primarily of red, mustard and black, the source of these dyes are plant based, making them an Eco-friendly option to choose over their harsh chemical counterparts.

The wooden blocks (motifs) have patterns engraved on them with patterns that have a very ancient background.

As the art form is descended from one generation to the next generation, the patterns have their level of intricacy intact and do not change over time.

Nature, Flora, cave paintings are the sources of these patterns, making this art form indigenous to Bagh.

Wooden blocks (motifs)

Wooden blocks (motifs)

A fabric that is ready to be printed is subjected to multiple steps before arriving as a beautiful piece of art and the steps are listed below:

  1. The cloth material is processed by washing and staining with natural ingredients that stripe away the excess starch so that the cloth becomes a clean canvas to print.
  2. The fabric is left to dry under the sun and then is printed using the motifs where the entire process is carried out manually.
  3. The fabric is heated so that the colors on the fabric stay intact and are washed in the running waters.
    Saree being washed after drying

    Saree being washed after drying

  4. D) An additional mixture of leaf extracts provide shine and the deeps colors to appear.
  5. E) After drying and bleaching the fabric is completed.
Bagh printed scarfs

Bagh printed scarfs

Conclusion for bagh print fabric:

Bagh prints are a testimony of the ethnic taste of Madhya Pradesh, with its delicate fabrics that are universally compatible in all weather conditions and their dyes that go hand in hand with nature.

With the advent of the internet and social media, popularity and demands are continuously increasing for this rare form of art.

With time, the versatility has evolved as the artisans have introduced these prints to bed covers, scarfs, sarees, lehengas, salwars, kurtis and the list goes on.


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